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Starting With the Destination in Mind: Creating Wealth in Any Economy

Have Faith in Yourself

As you begin the process of building wealth, it's only normal to feel a little intimidated, perhaps because you don't have a background in finance and you don't understand the many financial terms that are used. Undoubtedly, it was not appealing in the past when you turned on the TV to a financial program where people were talking in a foreign language using terms like carry trade and arbitrage. They use terms not in most peoples' lexicon (language inventory). And, instead of explaining these terms to the viewer, they keep firing additional terms that you don't understand, and before long you're changing the channel to a rerun of The Andy Griffith Show. My guess is that the TV host assumes that if you are watching, then you must understand their language. The problem is that people like me who do understand the language are working, not watching TV. They would serve themselves and their audiences better if they took time to explain things to their audience...

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